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Meet Dabney

“When I first began my legal career over thirty years ago, I made the decision to maintain a commitment to ethics, civility, and professionalism in everything I did in and out of the courtroom. That commitment has been my guiding principle throughout my career, and it’s the same commitment that has led me to run for the 2nd Court of Appeals, Place 5. This is an area of our legal system I care deeply about, and it is an area I’ve dedicated my career to studying. I began my career working for a Court of Appeals, and for over 15 years I’ve held a certification in civil appellate law held by less than .5% of the lawyers in Texas. This has not just been a career for me, it has been a passion. The Court of Appeals holds the unique and somber responsibility of often being the only opportunity to right an injustice from a previous trial. The opportunity to seek justice and right wrongs is one I take seriously. I’m running because I believe I have the knowledge and years of experience to help pursue truth and justice on the 2nd Court of Appeals.  If elected to this important position, I promise to work hard each and every day, to apply the law as written and ensure everyone receives equal and fair treatment. I'll rely on that same commitment to hard work to do my part in handling the Court's heavy workload and ensuring that people receive prompt decisions in their cases." 

-Dabney Bassel