About the 2nd Court of Appeals


  • One of fourteen intermediate appellate courts in Texas
  • Headquartered in Fort Worth and hears appeals from 12 North Texas counties.
  • Seven justices sit on the Court.
  • Hears appeals in both civil and criminal cases.
  • The Court of Appeals makes sure that the courts holding trials made a proper decision.
  • The Court of Appeals does not hear witnesses or act as a jury to decide who is telling the truth or to determine the facts of a case.
  • The Court of Appeals looks at a written record of what happened at trial, the written arguments of the lawyers in the form of briefs, and then writes an “opinion”explaining the law and why a trial court did or did not properly decide the case.
  • The court of appeals can be the only opportunity that a person has to fix an injustice that happened at trial—its decisions have to be right.
  • The consequences of a bad decision by the Court of Appeals can be tragic: people can be ruined financially, parents can lose their children, the innocent can go to jail, or the guilty be set free.