Bill Waybourn, Tarrant County Sheriff

Tracy Murphree, Denton County Sheriff

Thomas Spurlock, Jack County Sheriff

State Representative Matt Krause 

Ron Wright, Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector 

Glen Whitley, Tarrant County Judge

Andy Nguyen, Tarrant County Commissioner

David Woodruff, Tarrant County Constable

Clyde Watson, Jack County Constable

Pat Hardy, State Board of Education

David Levy, County Attorney of Archer County

Mayor David Cook, Mansfield

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Frederick Douglass Republicans of Tarrant County


Darl Easton, Chair, Tarrant County Republican party

Dianne Edmondson, Former Chair, Denton County Republican Party

Lisa Hendrickson, Former Chair, Denton County Republican Party

Donna Long, Former Chair, Wichita County REpublican Party

Richard Steenson, Denton County Area Leader

Jennifer Moulton, Denton County Area Leader

Terri Miller, Denton County Area Leader

David Wyle, Denton County Area Leader

Kelly Sayre, Denton County Area Leader 

Kurt Hyde, Denton COunty Precinct Chair 1022

Fred Rogers, Denton County Precinct Chair 1036

Stephanie Busby, Tarrant County Area Leader

Bill Eastland, Tarrant County Area Leader


Marie Howard, Tarrant County Area Leader

Ruben Jimenez, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 1094

Roy Lozano, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 1175

Dan KatrA, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 1257

Chip Pierce, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 1300

Jeff Craig, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 1348

Anne Gebhart, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3157

Janna Easton, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3212

Joel Downs, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3213

Cheryl Plunkett, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3219 

Rick Roberts, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3287

Skip Reynolds, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3330

Mona Bailey, Tarrant COunty Precinct Chair 3333

Vandolyn Roszell, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3392

Chuck Mogged, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 3421

Georgia Stapleton, Tarrant County Precinct chair 4070

Bill Ray, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 4077

Tom Quinones, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 4218

Jim SUtton, Tarrant County Precinct Chair 4410

Shelly Pritchard, State Republican Executive Committeewoman SD 9 Tarrant County Precinct Chair 4374

Karen Price, Wichita County Precinct Chair 401


Janet Adams, Tarrant County

Randall Schmidt, Tarrant County

Dr. Mark Shelton, Tarrant County

Mary Anne Shelton, Tarrant County 

Judy Strzinek, Tarrant County

Steve Hollern

Andrew Stasio

Annette Barfield

Bill Collins

Brian Stagner

Bryan Bruner

Caroline Harrison

Carter Hampton

Chad and Rebecca Berry

Chris McNamara

Constance Hall

Daniel Altman

Dan Barrett

Dan Steppick

Daniel Altman

Dave Gebhart

David Johnson

David Keltner

David Pels

Donna Thompson

Ernest Reynolds

Fred McCarty

Gary Westenhover

George Vaughn

Gerry Orth

Greg Hargrove


Jay Garrett

Jennifer Andrews

Joe Tolbert

John Allen Chalk 

John Bonds

Julie Camacho

Julie Mccarty

Leigh Davis

Lisa Jamieson

Michael Cooke

Pauline Lesch

Peggy Borchert

Rebecca McCully

Richard Aguilar


Richard Heizer

Richard Pell

Robert Blakenship

Ronnie Stapleton

Roy Lozano

Sandy Chonody

S.G. Johndroe

St. Clair Newbern

Stephen Neirmann

Steven Hayes

Tim Truman

Vernon Rew

Warren Norred

William Warren



Dabney Bassel is a man of exceptional character and integrity. His leadership qualities, wealth of knowledge, and decades of experience make him the ideal candidate to serve on the 2nd Court of Appeals. I’m honored to endorse his campaign for this important position.
— Sheriff Bill Waybourn
I’ve come to know Dabney as a hard-working, intelligent, and ethical man. His extensive experience and understanding of the law make him the most qualified person to serve in this important role. I’m proud to endorse Dabney for the 2nd Court of Appeals.
— Ron Wright, Tarrant County Tax Assessor-Collector
Dabney Bassel has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the law and decades of experience in appellate law. He has an impeccable reputation for being a man of integrity and civility, and would be an exceptional addition to the 2nd Court of Appeals. I’m proud to endorse him for this important position.
— Constable David Woodruff